Aurora Villas & Resort – Quy Nhon


Aurora Villas & Resort – Quy Nhon province, Vietnam offers you the family friendly vacation! Parents can relax by the pool with their minds at ease. Kids get of fun and health by activities, and there is a Kids’ Club for guests ages 5-13. There are plenty of adventures, including sports activities such as growing trees, visiting organic farm, painting sand pictures,… Enjoy your quality family time at Aurora – the most wonderful place to see dawn.

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Dining & Spa


Aurora Villas & Resort  offers quality spa treatments for you. While the children are enjoying supervised activities and playing in the Kid’s Club, you can enjoy relaxing massage and well-deserved alone time. A serene atmosphere featuring relaxed and beautiful people by living the Aurora Spa life. Aurora’s spa – safe for kids, refresh for you and truly quality time for your family.

Dining on the beach

One of the romantic and attractive dining options when at Aurora is to dine on beach. Seating-time permitting, you’ll be able to see a spectacular sunset while enjoying a memorable culinary experience. The sound of the waves breaking, the sweet smell of the sandy beach, a starlit sky, and great tasting food. Dining on beach, the perfect choice for the unforgettable memories. Enjoy your private space in exquisite meals with the warmth of the sand between your toes. At Aurora, you can sit back and connect with all your senses as you listen to the sound of the ocean. Depending on the time you choose to have dinner…

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Dining on the farm

“Not just a dinner… An experience.”
Inspiration for dinner on organic farm! Restaurants without any walls, outdoor farm-to-table experiences bring the freshness of fields, orchards directly to your table. Farmers harvest bountiful ingredients and prepare simple but beautiful dishes for guests to savor at the beautiful farm. These special experiences not only deliver amazing meals in unforgettable dining, but also a chance to see and learn firsthand how the farmers, how to grow trees and make delicious meals on your own way. Enjoy the fresh breeze, sipping wine and eating green produce from the garden…

Dining on the bay

With the right person, even a hamburger and a soda can supply the fare for an evening of romantic dining. But for a unique and memorable experience, let join us for drinks and a gourmet meal at Aurora Resort. Aurora offers a variety of dining on bay that combines delicious food with a lot of fun. Our menus include freshly caught seafood, locally grown vegetables, premium cocktails and irresistible desserts. The tasty cuisine is prepared with our heart and soul. Let imagine! Each bite tells a story – a connection to the nature, to personal memories, to emotion and history. Sense this connection in the exquisite flavors and aromas of Aurora’s.

Villas and rooms

Ocean front villas

After sharing magical moments under the fresh water, there was no doubt in our minds that many of our guests would find their own dream in peaceful place. This villa stunning oceanfront villa offers you a lot of privacy. You can enjoy the fantastic oceanfront view or just dive into the blue ocean. This villa offers spaces where you may be inspired to paint, read, write, contemplate and meditate…

Hill top villas

Located on a peaceful and quiet space at Aurora Resort, Hill Top Villas will bring you the feeling of being surrounded by nature is enhanced with cool breezes and uninterrupted views over green hill and blue beach. The greatest experiences are those shared with the ones you love. Hill top villas have been created to set the stage for these fantastic shared experiences …

Private bay villas

Located on the beautiful private bay at Aurora, Private Bay Villas was designed with romance in mind. Whether you are looking for tranquility or adventure, these villas are perfect for spending quality family time to enjoy our clean, comfortable accommodations and experience our unique resort. Private Bay Villas feature unforgettable panoramic views of blue waters and the surrounding hill…

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Scuba diving

Where will your scuba diving take you? There’s a world of underwater adventures out there waiting for you. Scuba diving and traveling go hand-in-hand. Whatever your motive is, looking at the fish, corals and relax or wanting to improve your aquatic skills, concentrating on depth and timings or to overcome fear, you will find great pleasure as diving at Aurora. You will have a complimentary private consultation with our instructor, before starting the course. We obviously are always on hand to help with further techniques as needed. After the basic course is completed, you may be having a delicious BBQ or light foods. Our major aims are bring a lot of fun to guests.

Outdoor cooking class

Learn the secrets of Vietnamese cuisine with local chefs in our cooking class. Being together on nice beach and hands-on class before creating your own traditional and delicious Vietnamese meal. Try your hand at making delicious and Vietnamese meals, and learn the tips and tricks of the country’s traditional cuisine from your expert local chefs. Our chefs will guide you to create several dishes that you can then re-produce at home. Learn about the typical ingredients in Vietnamese cooking and get the opportunity to experience Vietnamese cooking first hand. Classes are completely hands-on. Everyone will have his or her own equipment. Classes include a number of Vietnamese different dishes, and a recipe card will be provided.
At the end of the class, your dishes will be served to you one by one…

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