Flamingo Dai Lai resort


Being just far from Hanoi about 45 km and belonging to Phuc Yen District, Vinh Phuc Province, Flamingo Dai Lai Resort reminds people about the land of “graceful mountains and debonair water” with fresh weather, majestic scenery and those of miracles inside. A land of romantic features harmonizes with the peace and quiet but contains the ground wave of happiness expansion. A land of four beautiful seasons appeared like stepping out from the old legend…

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Meeting and conference

Opera Hall Conference Center

Large conference room is designed luxuriously, conveniently and modernly with the capacity up to 350 guests which hides itself behind the artistical grass hill and alongside stone road. Opera Hall is the perfect place for guests to organize meetings, conferences and other important events at Flamingo Dai Lai Resort. 

Charm Palace Restaurant

Not only served famous cuisine, Charm Palace also an ideal space to organize professional meetings, conferences upon the demand of value customers.

Classic Meeting Room

Classic meeting room belonged Hall Centre, brings the private and silence. This place is both for events and meeting with medium capacity. This space is smart and convenient that surely contributes to the success of high level conferences, events and brings the satisfaction to participants. 

Bamboo Wings Wine Cellar

Locating in the grass hill, wine cellar and bar with their luxurious architect, getting the full view towards the lakeview, Thien hill and green sky, Bamboo Wings cellar is stored, preserved and displayed hundred of wines from different countries. 

Flamigo Dai Lai resort via Agoda


  • Spa & Health Care
  • Flamingo Swimming Pool
  • Flamingo Golf Club
  • Entertainment Club
  • Sailing Club
  • Flamingo Beach Club
  • Sports Activities
  • Children’s play area


Forest Villas

42 Villas in Forest Resort are designed upon contempolary architecture style with dedicated features. Every single point of view in this spendid place is facing to the beautiful lakeview landscape and the green environment. 

  • Bedroom is designed elegantly and luxuriously.
  • Bathroom is decorated elegantly, politely and modernly but closed to nature.
  • Sport bikes are arranged separately at villa.
  • Supporting area is fully luxurious utilities with swimming pool, sauna, bar…

Hilltop Villas

Hilltop Vila brings to you the spectacular experiment from seeing the stunning lake right from your bedroom at the front and the lively green garden at the back.

  • Bedroom is designed luxuriously and elegantly to satisfy the leisure demand
  • Bathroom is the combination of elegance, polite and modern but closed to the nature
  • Sport bikes are arranged separately at Villa
  • Supporting area is fully luxurious utilities with swimming pool, sauna, bar…

Hilltop Deluxe Villas

Located isolatedly on Zen Hill, Hilltop Delux Vila is the system of 7 villas  and each one is supplied with huge outdoor swimming pool, state-of-the-art sauna room and bar. Within the extensive of the pine forest, this is truly the reomantic destination for who desires relaxing in the purity of nature.

  • Extensive, elegant and luxurious bedroom.
  • Private swimming pool for totally privacy.
  • Bathroom is decorated speacilly with bath tub and showred made of stone in whole block. 
  • Vila surrounded by green and large ground and space.

Hilltop Premium Villas

Hilltop Premium Villa includes 5 luxurious villas, each one contains 2 bedrooms and private swimming pool. The perfect interior decoration would bring you different experiment while relaxing here with your family.

  • Bedrooms are in harmony with spacious natural landscape.
  • Swimming pool is in front of the villa.
Flamingo Dailai via Vĩnh Phúc TV

Lake View Villas

14 Lakeview Premium Villas provide strong sense of a deluxe lakeview resort with huge bedroom, special outdoor swimming pool, garden besides of comfortable wooden floor and patio. 

  • The design of one largely luxurious and full of the most superior utilities bedroom.
  • Villa is sophisticatedly designed with outdoor bathtub made from block stone.
  • Separated swimming pool is arranged at each villa.
  • Large playground and garden.

Bach Thanh Villas

Bach Thanh, the superior Villa is based on the central zone of gigantic landscape art masterpice with Hilltop Forest, Bach Thanh Forest Park which facing to the Forest Lake.

  • Bedroom is decorated large space with superior utilities.
  • Living room is decorated by full of luxurious and advanced utilities.
  • Kitchen room is decorated with full of modern furniture.
  • Separated swimming pool at each villa.

Do Quyen Villas

Largely artistic picture of landscape, green roof design makes hundred of colorful pieces pass with a vast space from Hilltop pine forest toward Bach Thanh forest, passing across the lake to create a great and beautiful landscape. Do Quyen Villas hide in the middle of forest, stands silently in the hillside and is at rest towards the water surface. These are the most beautiful villa in Flamingo Dai Lai Resort.

  • 2 diffent bedrooms.
  • Elegant and luxurious living room.
  • Separated swimming pool between living room and bedroom.
  • Bathroom with high class appliances.

Luxury Golf Villa

Luxury Golf Villa has the charm of a villa gracefully hides among the romantic pine forest. The dark brown color of wood is highlighted on the elegant white background.  Flower lines are decorated along the pathway look like a stunning spring. The scene is so poetic just like what is a dream house in fairytale.

  • Well-equipped 3-floor villa with 3 bedrooms, living room, kitchen and dining room
  • Hanging garden and large private swimming pool in upper floors.
  • Huge garden full of flowers and ideal for BBQ parties…

Luxury Charm Villa

Harmonizing with spectacular landscape and pure atmosphere of Dai Lai Resort, Luxury Charm Villa reminds us to beautiful villas surrounded by fresh green tree lines creating peaceful feeling. Large patio with comfortable salon are designed at both 2 floors. Especially there are hanging garden and huge private swimming pool placed on the 2th floor. Take tasteful tree while lying in the salon and watching the gigantic green space would have you relax in every single minute of your vacation. 

  • Well-equipped 2-floor villa with 3 bedrooms, living room, kitchen and dining room
  • European architecture in style of Neoclassicism
  • Elegant and pure white color for the whole villa
  • Green design and extensive relaxing space
  • Garden, sauna, Jacuzzi, large private swimming pool

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